Custom Work

I am an artist passionate for painting who currently lives in Calgary, Alberta. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in Studio Concentration at the University of Calgary in 2010. When I am not focusing on my own pieces, I find interest in doing unique and diverse projects for individuals, from portraits of animals and people, to murals and drawings. If you would like to surprise someone special with a personal painting, it is a one of a kind gift that will last forever and always be there to relive memories. Or perhaps the memories are yours to relive and it’s you that needs/wants/deserves it. 

What ever your vision may be we can talk paint over tea, coffee, water, a cold pint, or just on the telephone. If you're still too busy for all that, check out the form on the side here.

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Throw some ideas my way and I'll throw some back. This process is fun like that.